Our guarantee and warranty

At Ammon Leather we are continually striving to be the very best at what do, that is to supply without compromise the ultimate quality in after-market leather car kits. That is our guarantee.

That is why we only use the finest components in the manufacturing of our 100% leather car kits. It all begins with sourcing our OEM automotive quality leather from the world renown Austrian tannery Wollsdorf Leather and also using the latest and up to date technology in our cutting and sewing production, that is why we can offer a 3-year warranty against workmanship and components defects.

During the warranty period if you should have any concerns please contact either Ammon Leather directly or the dealership from where the vehicle was purchased.

Each claim will be independently reviewed and assessed to determine if the claim is warranted and accurate. Issues such as normal wear, outside our warranty period, wilful or accidental damage or any modification to the original product will all be taken into account.

Our pledge is that if it is deemed that there is a legitimate claim then Ammon Leather will cover all material and labour costs. All costs are limited to the reinstatement of the damaged components to the original product and does not cover any compensation for loss of time, transportation costs or car hire.

cutting-edge technology

Since 2009, Ammon Leather has become one of only a few Australian companies to use a computerised automatic leather cutting machine.

This innovative and progressive approach ensures the highest quality and most accurate control of the cutting and stitching technique in the auto after-market seat cover industry.

 Visit Wollsdorf Leather

To guarantee the highest quality, Ammon Leather uses and recommends genuine automotive leather from the award winning Austria tannery Wollsdorf Leather, that specialises in automotive leather. Over 70% of their daily capacity of 2600 hides per day are supplied to some of the world's most prestigious car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Porsche, Ferarri, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Land Rover, VW, Maserati, GM, Ford, Aston Martin, Bentley and Toyota. 

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